Innovative Thinking in a Water-Scarce Environment

Aspen has extensive experience in assisting water agencies and water companies with environmental review, permitting, and compliance. We maintain a solid reputation for providing efficient and defensible analyses of water supply infrastructure projects throughout California. Aspen’s technical specialists are highly familiar with the types of issues that can arise with these projects, and the best ways to successfully resolve potential issues. Our experience includes the successful fulfillment of several multi-year on-call environmental services contracts with local and state agencies, as well as a number of water supply infrastructure projects under contract to federal agencies and water companies.

Aspen’s capabilities also include the provision of studies that characterize hydrology and water quality issues in order to facilitate the development of effective mitigation strategies and foster informed decision-making. Our water resources specialists consistently navigate challenges such as limited data availability, strong stakeholder interest, and an ever-evolving legal and political environment. Aspen remains abreast of current water issues, laws, and policy decisions that shape the management of resources throughout the arid Southwest in order to effectively serve the needs of our clients in both the public and private sectors.