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Antelope-Pardee 500-kV Transmission Project

Aspen prepared a joint EIR/EIS for the construction of a new 25.6-mile 500-kV transmission line in northern Los Angeles County, California.

Imperial County Renewable Energy and Transmission Element Update

The County of Imperial was the recipient of a California Energy Commission Grant on July 15, 2013, to update the existing “Geothermal/Alternative Energy & Transmission Element” of the General Plan.

Littlerock Reservoir Sediment Removal Project

Aspen is under contract to prepare a joint EIS/EIR evaluating the impacts of sediment removal alternatives for the Littlerock Reservoir and Dam on National Forest System lands in Los Angeles County.

Monterey Accelerated Research System Cabled Observatory

Aspen completed a joint EIR/EIS for the California State Lands Commission and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary on a unique undersea scientific cabled observatory proposed by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy

CARMA is a project to combine arrays of radio telescopes: six antennas operated by Caltech at the Owens Valley Radio Observatory; and nine antennas operated by U.C. Berkeley, the Univ. of Illinois, and the Univ. of Maryland at Hat Creek in Shasta County, CA.

Burning Man 2012-2016 Special Recreation Permit

Aspen assisted the BLM with preparation of an EA to assess and mitigate the effects of this large-scale, temporary “city”.

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