Geospatial Sciences

Project development, environmental assessment, permitting, and compliance can all benefit from the capabilities of Geospatial Sciences, which utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS), visual simulations, LiDAR analysis, and graphic design to increase project understanding, speed up data collection and analysis, enable comparison and selection of alternatives, and improve presentation effectiveness. The industry trend is toward digital spatial knowledge that replaces paper documents and other low-tech solutions. By pinpointing exact locations in project analysis, we help our project teams increase productivity, better respond to stakeholders inquiries, identify and map sensitive resources, and utilize geographic data for specific analysis.

Aspen’s Geospatial capabilities are integrated into internal project teams to provide value-added capabilities to our clients. In addition, Geospatial services can be provided independent of other Aspen project work, including system development, outsourcing, and consultation. Aspen’s services and capabilities include:

  • Cartographic Maps and Displays
  • Web Mapping and Cloud-based Technology Support
  • Field Data Collection
  • Spatial and Imagery Data Analysis
  • Infrastructure Asset Management Systems
  • Visual Simulations and 3-D Rendering
  • LiDAR Acquisition and Analysis
  • Database Management Support
  • Client Training

To learn more about the Geospatial Sciences department at Aspen, check out our Statement of Qualifications.

Click here to download the handout for our Geospatial Resource and Asset Sustainability Program (GRASP).

Featured Project

Geospatial Resource and Asset Sustainability Program

Aspen Environmental Group is implementing a Geospatial Resource and Asset Sustainability Program (GRASP) to maintain an inventory of infrastructure assets and sensitive resources within a utility’s corridor rights-of-way and streamline environmental planning and permit­ting for operation and maintenance (O&M) activities. 

GRASP is a state-of-the-art GIS-based modeling tool that catalogues and...

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