Energy Policy and Market Assessment

Aspen Environmental Group has broadened its expertise in economics, engineering, and policy analysis to complement our traditional environmental, economic, and engineering expertise to better provide integrated analytical and planning services.

Economic analysis is a cornerstone underlying energy policy in both public and private energy infrastructure investment decisions. We use it to estimate future energy costs, understand what policies have achieved, model policy alternatives and their outcomes, and to plan future spending. Aspen’s Energy Policy and Market Assessment practice performs these energy economic and policy analyses using an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to provide decision makers with the critical insights they need related to conventional and advanced energy supply and infrastructure natural gas markets and upstream supply economics, greenhouse gas reduction, electrification of transportation and the future role of utilities. This is done in a way that is incisive, straightforwardly addresses uncertainty and complexity, and is direct and transparent enough for stakeholders to trust. In our work, having an independent reliable perspective is of critical value to our clients. We make every effort to ensure that our analyses are respected by all parties involved without any appearance of conflict of interest.

Services provided by Aspen’s Energy Policy and Market Assessment practice include:

  • Electric system resource planning and policy assessment
  • Electric transmission policy assessment
  • Energy demand forecasting and energy efficiency analysis
  • Non-recourse project finance risk assessment and due diligence
  • Natural gas supply, infrastructure, and operational assessment
  • Greenhouse gas policy assessment
  • Economic studies and modeling
  • Low resolution modeling and uncertainty assessments
  • Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Facilitation
  • Strategic advisory services


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