Corridor Planning & Analysis

For over 25 years, Aspen has been providing corridor planning and analysis services for utility and infrastructure projects. Corridor planning and analysis involves identifying potential opportunities for the alignment of linear projects (e.g., pipeline, transmission, transportation, and telecommunication), as well as the identification of major issues or constraints (e.g., sensitive land uses, military land, protected lands) that need to be considered. In coordination with state and federal agencies, Aspen typically conducts a screening process aimed at minimizing environmental impacts and other conflicts while accommodating the requirements of the project. Aspen also has substantial experience analyzing the environmental impacts of proposed corridors and alternative corridors in the context of the California Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy Act. Aspen has analyzed a wide variety of linear projects, often crossing multiple local, state, and federal jurisdictions, including oil and gas pipelines, electrical transmission lines, water pipelines and aqueducts, and fiber optic networks.

Aspen’s services and capabilities in Corridor Planning and Analysis include:

  • Alignment Studies
  • Issues and Constraints Analysis
  • Alternative Corridor Screening
  • Corridor Analysis
  • Multi-jurisdictional Coordination

Featured Project

Sunrise Powerlink Project

Aspen managed the environmental review process for Sunrise Powerlink, which was one of the largest and most controversial of California’s recent high-voltage transmission projects. Sunrise Powerlink was a proposal to construct a new 150-mile high-voltage transmission line through portions of San Diego and Imperial counties in California. Aspen managed the...

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