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Valley-Auld Power Line Project

To respond to growth in electrical service demand and maintain system reliability, Southern California Edison proposed to improve system voltages and to expand transmission capacity on the existing Valley-Auld 115-kV system in southwestern Riverside County. Phase 1 of the project improved voltage problems by constructing a new 115-kV line connection (0.9 mile in length) between the Auld Substation and the Moraga Substation. This new line extends from the Auld Substation south along the west side of Liberty Road until it connects with the existing Auld-Moraga-Pauba 115 kV line at Winchester Road. The Pauba tap on the Auld-Moraga-Pauba line was removed and switched to tap the existing Valley-Auld 115-kV line. Phase 2 of the project was designed to address anticipated voltage drop and line overloading problems on the existing 115-kV line by adding an additional 115-kV line (10.6 miles in length) creating a double-circuit system that would be tapped and increase capacity to the Pauba line. This new 115-kV line extends from the Valley Substation (at the corner of Menifee Road and McLaughlin Road in the northwest portion of the project site) south to a tap point in the southern portion of the project site at the corner of Liberty Road and Los Alamos Road to connect to the existing Pauba 115-kV line.

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