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Renewable Energy Viability Assessment in Nye County, NV

Amargosa Valley, located northwest of Las Vegas in Nye County, Nevada, is one of the best solar resource areas in United States.  Nye County, through BEC Environmental, asked Aspen to provide assistance assessing renewable energy development viability within the county. Aspen representatives helped Nye County identify target markets for renewable energy and provided specific information about California and Nevada policy regarding renewable energy requirements, procurement practices, and renewable energy pending and existing legislation and regulation.  Aspen has also helped Nye County understand transmission access issues and local, regional and west wide planning processes to help developers understand how transmission planning efforts in the west affect Nevada, California and other western states. Information and guidance provided by Aspen organized renewable energy developer workshops whose purpose is to provide developers with information regarding transmission access options and planning efforts, renewable energy market options, and California and Nevada legislation, regulation, and procurement practices.  Aspen representatives chaired panel discussions and made presentations at many of these workshops.

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