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LAUSD New School Construction Program EIR

Aspen prepared a Program EIR that assessed the program-wide impacts of implementing the district’s new school construction program. The Program EIR addressed 125,000 of the total 200,000 new seats to be provided by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) through the construction of new schools and the expansion of existing schools. Aspen conducted the community outreach during the public scoping, which included eight public meetings to solicit public comments, advertisements in 22 local newspapers, and the preparation of a scoping report. The Draft Program EIR report addressed all environmental issues areas and documented site selection, design, construction, and operation measures that the LAUSD agreed to implement, as applicable, on all projects. The report evaluated environmental impacts associated with projects before specific sites were identified. It provided information on applicable regulations that will be implemented by the LAUSD in carrying out its program and documents how environmental resource area assessments will be carried out and evaluated when specific sites are selected and new schools or school additions are designed and constructed. Six public meetings were held to take comments on the Draft Program EIR. All public information materials were made available in four languages (English, Spanish, Armenian, and Korean). For public scoping, public information materials were also translated into Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. Aspen also prepared the Findings of Fact for presentation to the Board of Education.

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