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Del Sur Solar Project

Aspen prepared an EIR, MMRP, and technical studies (biological resources, cultural resources, noise, and air quality & greenhouse gas) under contract to the City of Lancaster for the Del Sur Solar Project. This fast-tracked EIR was certified just 8 months after project kick-off.

Sustainable Power Group (sPower or Applicant) proposes to construct and operate the project, which would be a 100-megawatt (MW) utility-scale Solar Generating Facility (SGF) on 725 acres in the City of Lancaster in Los Angeles County. Solar electricity generated by the proposed project would be delivered by an approximately 2- to 4-mile generation-tie and communication line that would extend to two previously approved substations near the existing Southern California Edison (SCE) Antelope Substation south of the proposed project site. The project would consist of the following elements: photovoltaic modules, module mounting system, balance of system and electrical boxes, electrical inverters and transformers, electrical AC collection system including switchgear, data monitoring equipment, transmission and generation-tie lines, communication line, and access roads and security fencing. The proposed project would not require the construction of an on-site operations and maintenance facility.

The proposed project would operate year-round and would produce electricity during daylight hours. The Applicant proposes to begin site preparation and construction of the facility in 2015 with construction completed in phases including site preparation, facility installation, and commissioning. The first phases of the facility would be commercially operational in late 2015 or early 2016, and the remaining phases would be complete by the end of 2016. The project’s planned operational lifespan is 35 years.

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