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CleanTech Hazardous Waste Facility Permit EIR

Aspen completed an Environmental Impact Report in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act to assist the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Department of Toxic Substances Control in the consideration of a Part B Permit Application for the operation of a hazardous waste storage and treatment facility owned and operated by CleanTech Environmental Inc. (CleanTech). The primary purpose of this permit is to allow CleanTech to store, test, treat, and recertify used oil, a State of California designated hazardous waste, as nonhazardous recycled oil. Aspen was selected to complete the EIR after an IS/ND prepared for the facility by DTSC was successfully appealed by the public. The facility is now fully permitted for long-term operations as proposed.

The CleanTech facility is located in the City of Irwindale, on a one-acre site. Issues of special concern for this project included the project’s location near the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, hazardous materials spill prevention and control, and traffic and air quality impacts related to the proposed incremental increase in site activity.

The major process components of the proposed CleanTech facility operation include the following hazardous waste management operations: waste loading/unloading; sampling and analysis; transfer and consolidation, including truck to truck transfer; storage and blending of used oil, storage of used antifreeze, and storage of oily wastewater; used oil treatment for removal of water and solids; recertification of used oil as recycled oil; and offsite transport/transfer.

Aspen also supported DTSC by obtaining meeting venues, preparing meeting notices and presentations, and attending the Public Scoping and Draft EIR and Draft Permit Public Meeting Hearing. Additionally, Aspen supported other public participation functions, such as helping DTSC complete the mailing list, and the mailings, and provided Spanish translation and court recording services.

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