The Geospatial Science Group is Growing!

Aspen’s Geospatial Group has big plans for 2023! This January, Anton Kozhevnikov rejoined the Aspen team as the Geospatial Group Manager. Anton has been in the geospatial sciences for more than 25 years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the group. With his support, Aspen plans to grow and extend the geospatial services we offer. Anton, who had a previous 11 years of experience with Aspen, has solid plans to extend GIS analytical services such as LiDAR and UAV surveys and modeling activities to improve the gathering of data and analyzing them to achieve project objectives.

A review of the past year shows that visual resource analyses were highly requested products from our clients. Aspen modeled numerous viewsheds for various projects including proposed offshore wind farms, solar farms, fire risk reduction projects, and transmission line upgrade projects. Visual analysis models are being used for project siting to help our clients understand where a proposed project could potentially be seen. This is providing opportunities in the planning phase to make changes or decisions that could reduce overall visual impacts. Visual analysis models and guidance from federal land management agencies are being used to provide our clients with quantifiable impacts to visual resources caused by project implementation. GIS-based visual models are aiding discussions with regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Bureau of Land Management to identify project effects and determine necessary mitigation. An example of such modeling is the 600,000 acres of potential visual impact Aspen analyzes for the Wildfire Risk, Reduction, Reliability and Asset Protection Project (WRAP) where clients and land managing agencies were able to review the modeled data and make critical project decisions based on the visual analysis Aspen provided.

We are eagerly looking to the new year and the opportunities to continue to offer an array of geospatial services to our clients. If you are seeking assistance in data collection, siting analysis, spatial analysis, UAV aerial mapping, cultural resource predictability modeling, visual resource modeling, field data post-processing and database design, GIS/GPS training, or cartographic and graphic support, reach out to and find out how Aspen can assist your projects.