Aspen Launches CEQA FAQ Page

Aspen Environmental Group has been a CEQA practitioner since the company’s inception 26 years ago and our staff is comprised of many exceptionally experienced CEQA project managers and technical analysts. Our active participation in environmental assessment and permitting activities for numerous complex and highly visible projects has resulted in a wealth of accumulated knowledge and practical insight related to CEQA compliance. Aspen has decided to share some of this insight and knowledge with others responsible for complying with CEQA through the creation of a new page on our website that presents short, easy-to-understand answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about CEQA’s requirements. The answers to these questions are mostly derived from the CEQA statute in the Public Resources Code and the State CEQA Guidelines in the California Code of Regulations. Click here to view our CEQA FAQ page. We suggest you bookmark the page for future use.

Aspen’s CEQA FAQ page can be easily navigated with the use of a pull-down menu near the top of the page. Over time, the contents of the CEQA FAQ page will be expanded to address additional CEQA topics. We have also included a question form at the bottom of the page, which gives you the opportunity to ask us your individual questions about CEQA.

The goal of Aspen’s CEQA FAQ page is to provide a convenient way to quickly learn CEQA’s basic requirements for preparing and processing CEQA documents. Hopefully, other CEQA practitioners will find this to be a convenient way to get quick answers to basic CEQA questions without the need to hunt through the State CEQA Guidelines or dense CEQA manuals.