Aspen Aiding in DOE/Western’s Defining the Future Initiative

Aspen Environmental Group has been hired as a contractor to Western Area Power Administration (Western) to assist Western and the Department of Energy (DOE) in their Defining the Future initiative. The Defining the Future initiative is intended to engage Western’s customers, Tribes, and all stakeholders in the Western footprint in a conversation of how Western can help as many entities transition toward a more resilient and flexible electric grid. The Defining the Future website states, “If we can take greater advantage of clean energy resources, while at the same time reducing costs to customers, we can bring the benefits of increased connectivity and enhanced reliability to more Americans.”

There were five workshops discussing this initiative throughout July and August 2012 ranging from the Upper Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, Desert Southwest, and the Sierra Nevada regions. Aspen’s Carl Linvill was the lead facilitator for all five workshops with assistance from Suzanne Phinney, Catherine Elder, and John Candelaria.

To learn more about the Defining the Future initiative, click here.