Ashley Spalding and Catherine Elder Present at CRRI Conference (Paper Included)

CRRIAs part of their continuing research in market behavior, Aspen’s Ashley Spalding and Catherine Elder, part of the Energy Resource Economics group, recently presented a paper they co-wrote entitled, “Disruptive Technologies in the Cable TV and Electric Utility Industries” at the Rutgers Center for Research in Regulated Industries Western Conference. This paper highlights the parallels between the introduction and impact of potentially disruptive technologies in the cable television and electric utilities industries. Both cable television and electric utilities are facing increasing competition in the form of new technologies. While, relatively new and with only a small portion of “early adopter” customers currently abandoning the cable TV and electric utility system in favor of these technologies, they have the potential to act as disruptive market forces. If more customers choose to forgo cable subscriptions or install PV, revenues in the form of cable subscription fees and electricity rate payments will decline, and cable and electric utilities will have to learn to adapt to accommodate these new technologies or risk becoming obsolete.

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