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Sulex Demolition Project

Aspen analyzed impacts associated with the demolition of site improvements installed by Sulex, Inc. for sulfur pelletizing operations at the Port of Long Beach (POLB), which have been decommissioned for several years. The objective of the project is to fulfill the conditions of lease termination, returning the site to a state agreed upon by the POLB and Sulex, Inc. Aspen prepared an Initial Study and Negative Declaration for the project, as well as an Application Summary Report and detailed air quality assessment.

The project included demolition and removal of infrastructure previously used for the sulfur prilling and exporting operations, including the process building, walls, footings, sulfur pit, clarifier pit, the two silos, conveyors and conveyor tunnels between the silos and the truck dump, and foundations. The process building to be demolished has two levels, with 35,000 square feet of floor area. The truck dump and the conveyor systems between the truck dump and the ship loading area would remain in place. In addition, the existing stormwater collection and treatment system would be left in place.

Sulex anticipates that approximately 5,000 cubic yards of soil will be excavated  and approximately 5,000 cubic yards of fill will be placed on site. In addition to road stabilization, fill material will be used to earth-fill the conveyor tunnels, hopper pits, sulfur pit, and clarifier pit. Excavated material may be re-used onsite, such as to accomplish the aforementioned earth-fill activities, or it will be disposed of in an approved facility if it is determined to not be suitable for reuse. Additional fill material will be imported from an off-site borrow area. Following removal of the silos, the silo areas will also be earth-filled and paved to match adjacent grades as support for existing paved roadway and ramps on the north, south, and east sides of the silos. All grading, fill, and paving activities that will occur will be completed in accordance with detailed engineering plans to be prepared by Sulex and approved by the POLB. At the completion of the project, the site would consist of a level, paved, vacant lot.

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