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Spring, Dry Lake, Cave and Delamar Valleys Renewable Energy Viability Report

The economic viability of renewable energy projects depend on the technology selected, the quality of the environmental resource accessed and the access of the project to electricity markets where a demand for the electricity exists. This report, prepared by Aspen Environmental Group, evaluates the economic viability of renewable energy development in four counties in eastern Nevada.  The report is a comprehensive economic feasibility study that encompasses technology evaluation, renewable resource quality evaluation, market potential assessment and transmission access assessment. The research indicates that while some high quality solar resources exist in eastern Nevada, the likelihood of development in the counties is low for the foreseeable future because the resources will have to compete in Nevada with geothermal resources, delivering the resources to potential markets is expensive due to the remote location of the resource, and potential markets for resources outside Nevada are saturated with less expensive, more proximate renewable electricity sources for the foreseeable future.

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