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San Joaquin Solar 1 & 2 Project

The San Joaquin Solar 1 & 2 Project consists of two hybrid design solar thermal electric generating plants, comprising a solar field and biomass facility for each plant and would produce up to a nominal 106.8 MW net of renewable energy. Each plant is sized for a nominal 53.4 MW net of solar generation, complemented by 40 MW net of biomass-generated production. The biomass energy production is intended to supplement solar production during non-solar periods and shoulder solar hours. The project site is located in unincorporated Fresno County in the southern San Joaquin Valley and encompasses 640 acres. Transmission interconnection would require construction of a 6- to 7-mile transmission line. Water will be provided initially from groundwater, followed by tertiary-treated water the City of Coalinga’s future wastewater treatment facility. The Aspen Team was responsible for the analysis of Air Quality, Biological Resources, and Geology and Paleontology for the California Energy Commission’s siting license for this project.

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