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Pacific Wind Energy Project

The Pacific Wind Energy Project, as proposed by enXco Development Corporation, is a wind energy generation facility that will generate up to 151 megawatts of electricity from wind turbine generators on an approximately 8,300-acre site in unincorporated Kern County, California. The project required multiple zone changes and two Conditional Use Permits. Wind energy will be transferred to Southern California Edison’s 220-kilovolt transmission system and sold to a power purchaser (via a power purchase agreement), who in turn will sell energy output to California investor-owned utilities, municipalities, or other purchasers, in furtherance of the goals of the California Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards and other similar renewable programs in the State.

Aspen prepared an environmental impact report (EIR) for the project for the Kern County Planning and Community Development Department. The EIR evaluated potential impacts of implementing a change in zone classification to incorporate the Wind Energy Combining District to the base district for approximately 4,584 acres of the approximately 8,300-acre project site. Aspen also assisted in the review of environmental technical reports prepared by the applicant, and preparation of the mitigation monitoring and reporting program.

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