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Deep End Ranch Permitting, Monitoring, Revegetation, and Project Design

Years of high flow events on the Santa Clara River damaged rock revetment structures and caused bank erosion. Extreme high flow events in 2005 caused further damage and bank erosion began to encroach onto ranch structures. Aspen Environmental Group biologists assisted the landowners in completing the regulatory permitting process with the California Department of Fish and Game, US Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board, and Ventura County Watershed Protection District. Aspen biologists worked hand in hand with civil engineers to design a long term bank protection solution. Aspen biologists also conducted pre-construction wildlife and nesting bird surveys, monitored the installation of concrete a-jacks along the toes of the bank, and monitored the repair of existing pipe and wire rock revetments. Upon completion of the bank protection and revetment repairs in 2010, Aspen biologists assisted the landowners in the revegetation of all impacted areas. 

Practice areas: Infrastructure and Public Works

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