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Chula Vista Energy Upgrade Project

Aspen assisted the California Energy Commission (CEC) with the Staff Assessment for the Chula Vista Energy Upgrade Project (CVEUP). As well as providing the Energy Commission Siting Project Manager, the Aspen Team was responsible for reviewing Alternatives, Waste Management, Geology and Paleontology, Cultural Resources, Air Quality, Socioeconomics, Traffic and Transportation, Water and Soil Resources, Worker Safety, Hazardous Materials, Public Health, Land Use, and Biological Resources. The Energy Commission voted to deny the application and not grant the license on June 17 2009.

The CVEUP was proposed as a simple-cycle electrical power plant facility in the City of Chula Vista, San Diego County.  The CVEUP was proposed as a nominal 100-MW peaking facility that would replace the existing 49-MW Chula Vista Power Plant. The proposed primary equipment for the generating facility included two General Electric Energy LM6000 natural gas-fired turbine-generators and associated equipment. The proposed project site was a 3.8-acre parcel in the City of Chula Vista’s Main Street Industrial Corridor and within the City’s Light Industrial zoning district. The applicant proposed that some of the facilities that serve the existing plant would be reused for the new power plant.

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