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Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project

The Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project involves construction of a series of transmission system improvements extending from the Tehachapi Wind Resource Area in eastern Kern County to the Los Angeles Basin.

Visible Water Vapor and Thermal Plume Analysis Projects

Aspen has unique expertise in assessing the visual and thermal effects of plumes in the atmosphere. Aspen has conducted visible water vapor and/or thermal plume modeling analyses for over 60 power plant projects, including several thermal solar and geothermal power plant projects.

Alta-Oak Creek Mojave Wind Project

Aspen assisted Kern County with the California Environmental Quality Act process for the Alta-Oak Creek Mojave Project.

California Valley Solar Ranch

Aspen prepared an EIR for this 250-megawatt solar photovoltaic power plant project on behalf of San Luis Obispo County.

Del Sur Solar Project

Aspen prepared an EIR, MMRP, and technical studies (biological resources, cultural resources, noise, and air quality & greenhouse gas) under contract to the City of Lancaster for the Del Sur Solar Project. This fast-tracked EIR was certified just 8 months after project kick-off.

Long-term Procurement Resource Planning Framework Technical Support Services

This California Public Utilities Commission project presents an analysis of several resource portfolios that can achieve the 20% requirement and 33% goal for renewable energy production in California.

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