CMUA Podcast on Groundbreaking Wildfire Risk Reduction Project for Utilities


Aspen Environmental Group is working on a Wildfire Risk Reduction, Reliability, and Asset Protection (WRAP) project with Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), Sierra Nevada Region (SNR) and Trinity Public Utilities District (TPUD) in Weaverville, California. The WRAP Project involves right-of-way expansion of existing trans­mission/‌distribution lines and vegetation man­agement to reduce fire risk to the surrounding communities and nearby Public Lands, as well as to increase electrical reliability to maintain critical services in the local communities of Trinity County.

The California Municipal Utility Association (CMUA), Water and Power Leadership podcast series interviewed Mr. Paul Hauser, the TPUD General Manager, about this groundbreaking pilot program for utilities having forests in their service areas. Click here to listen to the CMUA interview from the podcast, “Taking Action to Stop Wildfire in the Forest.”