Aspen Releases Western Grid 2050: Clean Energy Vision Report

This new  report, prepared by Dr. Carl Linvill, John Candelaria, and Ashley Spalding of Aspen Environmental Group’s Integrated Energy Planning Division, examines two very different electricity futures for the Western states: a “Business as Usual” future and a “Clean Energy Vision” future. The report uses credible public data to formulate the alternatives and then evaluates the economic, environmental, and public health performance differences between them. The report demonstrates that both trajectories require more than $200 billion in investment over the  next 20 years and the respective investment choices produce differences in electric system infrastructure and performance that will have implications for westerners to 2050 and beyond. Differences between the trajectories include differences in competitiveness, job creation, electricity cost, energy security, environmental health and public health. The report is the first of a suite of materials being produced by Western Grid Group and Western Clean Energy Advocates that will show how the West can make a sustained, orderly transition to a clean energy future.

Click here to read the article: “Western Grid 2050: Contrasting Futures, Contrasting Fortunes”