Aspen Wind Energy Portfolio Continues to Grow

Aspen has been analyzing environmental impacts of utility-scale wind energy projects  since 2007.  To date, Aspen’s wind energy  portfolio includes over 3,000 MW worth of wind projects.  Our wind energy portfolio continued to grow  in 2011, as we initiated five new projects, completing three of them in record  time.

Aspen completed three EIRs for Kern County under aggressive schedules, publishing  Final EIRs for the North Sky River and Jawbone Wind Energy Project, the Morgan  Hills Wind Energy Project, and the Alta Infill II Wind Energy Project, within  eight, six, and five months after kickoff of each respective project. Aspen is also  currently preparing two joint EIR/EIS documents for wind projects located on  private and public land, including the 465 MW Ocotillo Express Wind Project for  Imperial County and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) El Centro Field Office  and the 318 MW Alta East Wind Energy Project for Kern County and BLM Ridgecrest  Field Office.  

In addition  to environmental analysis, Aspen is also providing mitigation, monitoring, and  compliance services for construction of the Lompoc Wind Energy Project in Santa  Barbara County and the Montezuma II Wind Project in Solano County.