Enhancing Diversity in the Environmental Profession – 2022 Student Scholarship

Aspen Environmental Group supports students who are actively engaged in the pursuit of a career in a field with an environmental emphasis. As part of our support efforts, we are offering scholarships to support college students interested in environmentally related topics, with a focus on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) recipients. Aspen’s scholarship is intended to promote and encourage BIPOC voices within our profession.

Scholarship Award

The monetary awards will be up to $3,000 per scholarship recipient (with a total of $5,000 awarded). The award can be used for educational pursuits including tuition, books, school supplies, research, etc. Recipients will receive a check in their name from Aspen Environmental Group. Each scholarship recipient will also be invited to attend a virtual lunch with Aspen’s senior environmental staff to learn about their careers.

Who Can Apply

Aspen Environmental Group will accept applications from incoming or current college students with an emphasis on Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students with demonstrated financial need, attending any college in California, and who are interested in pursuing a college/university education in environmentally related topics to support a future career in environmental work.

How to Apply

Students are required to complete this application form. In addition, current high school or college transcripts, and an essay are required. Completed applications must be e-mailed to scholarship@aspeneg.com by November 30, 2022. Scholarships will be awarded in December 2022. Questions? Please contact us at scholarship@aspeneg.com.